Monday, January 4, 2010


Our FAD lesson today was about our bodies. I drew a picture of a body and we had a great time talking about each of our body parts and what they do.

We covered our eyes, then plugged our ears, then practiced wiggling our hands and feet. We talked about being sick, and how that is when our body doesn't work or feel right (very basic terminology for a 3 year old). Then we talked about what we can do to make our bodies feel healthy. I really liked this part as a parent, because it was a fun way to warm Lee up to things he struggles with. For Lee, I particularly focused on eating healthy foods, exercising, and washing our hands, faces, and taking baths. A child who doesn't like the doctor's office or brushing his teeth, though, could really use a lesson on what the purpose of these things are, and that could help.

Since our lesson was about 11:00 this morning, I let him color pictures and we sang songs while I prepared lunch and then we tasted all the healthy foods that I had made (lean stuffed meatballs, carrot sticks, and baked french fries) and talked even more about eating healthy.

(*Note, I'm making this sound like Lee has bad eating habits. He doesn't. It just happened to work out today that we were eating at the same time we were working on FAD.)

Great songs for this lesson would be: "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes," "I'm being swallowed by a Boa Constrictor," or other songs labeling body parts. We have one we like to sing, I think it's from Sesame Street, called "No one like you." I searched YouTube in vain for this song, but oh well; the words are cute and simple and list body parts too.

This one turned into a really great lesson, and the icing on the cake was when my husband came up for lunch, asked Lee what we'd done that morning, and Lee told him without a single prompt, "We did school time, about our bodies! And so our bodies can be healsy!"

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  1. That's so cute! Obviously he had a great time. I'm going to try this with Hammy. He's been a little out of sorts with the oldest two having gone back to school during the day. Yesterday he was my shadow helping me vacuum, sweep, change laundry. I think he was keeping an eye on me.

    Even though he can be a stinker, when Danny is at work and it's just the younger four, I can really hold Hammy's attention and it's the perfect time for teaching. I'm going to try this for our next FAD time. :)